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saturn transit 10th house

Saturn in Capricorn Sign in 10th house- Saturn Owns the Capricorn Sign. Saturn’s passage through this area of life may well bring a feeling of intense discontent with your role at work, as you In rest of the houses from natal Moon, i.e. A 12th House Saturn ending doesn’t deliver the gut-punch of Pluto, or the abrupt, ripping away of Uranus. Aries Ascendant: It will happen in the 10th house of your horoscope. You have entered an incorrect email address! Saturn in trine from ascendant or moon is also favorable but importance should be given to Saturn in 10th from ascendant or moon or Saturn aspect on the 10th house from ascendant or the moon. Acceptance of an excessive amount of responsibility within the wrong space. Saturn is also the 12th lord and Scorpio is a watery sign. Saturn transits the 10th House The 10th House represent our place in the world. If the intensity of Lagna and duration of Saturn is that the same the effect is disastrous. You tend to think you know what’s best for everyone and are often eager to prove it with action. Saturn Transits Through Your First House: This transit starts with Saturn passing over your Ascendant, and it marks the start of a new cycle in your life. So the relationship with Parents may suffer. These people also will receive favors from government and would possess pleasing relations with the people at higher levels, especially government and influential people.The natives of this placement having Shani in tenth House are suggested to stick one type of profession. The 10th House represent our place in the world. Saturn in Houses Saturn in 10th House Last updated on June 24th, 2020 at 11:31 pm Saturn in 10th house unites with the energies ow its own zodiac sign Capricorn. You will not get complete satisfaction from your work. Saturn is Placed in 10th house in Leo Sign- For Scorpio Lagna Leo becomes the 10th house. The natives born with Saturn in 10th House often appears to be a dominating one. Saturn in 10th house in Libra Sign- Libra is the exaltation sign and when Saturn is placed in Libra in 10th house, it creates the Sasa Yoga. It will give lot of progress in Education and it will make you very intelligent as well. So Unless Saturn is strong by some other way, it generally do not give good result. Saturn in the tenth house suggests an ambitious character with a desire for recognition, especially after Saturn's transit at the age of twenty-nine. Moon n Rahu both in Satabhisha nakshatra. What happened when Pluto transited your 10th house? A transit of Saturn to the 10th House usually indicates a time in which the career and the lifestyle are up for review. The execution of work will not be smooth and there will be repeated obstacles. Started learning Vedic astrology in a very early age around 12 yrs and almost more than 20 years in astrological study. Saturn in 10th house in Aries- For Cancer Ascendant Aries becomes the 10th house. Future success depends on introspection of past. 10th House is Known as Karma Bhava or House of Profession. A person would have to work both smartly and hard such that he or she can map out the limitation and bring over a successful output. But most of us are afraid of harsh reality and that is why we all are uncomfortable with Saturn. If this Saturn is aspected by Benefic Jupiter, it can reduce the Negative result to a good extent. Transit Saturn in a square with the cusp of the 10th house Positive manifestations: It is possible to get a promotion, climb up the hierarchical ladder, public recognition due to demonstrated qualities and abilities. "Saturn in the tenth house of a horoscope is not a favorable situation for career". Mrs. Margaret Alva became minister of high rank in the period in the main period of Venus which is lord of 3rd & 8th and placed in 12th house making Vipreet Rajyoga. If you prefer to watch the video on this topic on my YouTube channel, here is the video link: SATURN IN 10TH HOUSE of the birth chart – Vedic Astrology. The Moon here makes you a warm, emotionally expressive leader. if yes, in which month, I have saturn in 10th house in aries with Jupiter The 10th house where Saturn is placed represents career, employer, work/action, outer achievements. Saturn focuses His attention on the ambitions, the role in society, followed by what place of work or society one has the capacity to rise in, and even it checks one’s perseverance and tolerance towards a drastic situation. It will help you to earn Name, Fame and recognition in Society. For Scorpio ascendant Saturn is also the 4th lord. So Saturn is not very happy in Pisces. Saturn in 10th house of Chart-How to Analyze Genuine Good or Bad... What happens if Saturn is in the 10th house of horoscope, Good Result When Saturn Occupies the 10th house. Does Saturn in 12th house promotes spiritual sadhana as Saturn is a karmic planet . Saturn in the tenth house can make the natives take their “fathering” responsibilities quite seriously. Saturn transit 2020- 10th House (Aries) The transit of Saturn in Aries will take place in the tenth house (house of career). However Saturn would continuously cause difficulty and hindrances to a person’s life. Actual and practical experience gives different picture . Now is the time to build a working philosophy of life based on your experience, particularly what you’ve been through since Saturn crossed the descendent and entered your 7th house . 10th house is also one of the Upachaya Houses. It makes you Practical and it removes the illusion from your eyes and show you the Harsh reality. It spends about 2.5 years in each sign and so its transits can mark significant periods in one’s a person commonly experiences a period of difficulty in his work, or, if he is not working, in sustaining the lifestyle which he has had up to that point. Prior to this, you might have been busy interacting with others for 15 years but now is the time to think what is going on inside you. Saturn in the 11th House in Each Sign: Saturn in the 11th House in Aries – In the sign of Aries, this placement means you are an energetic and loyal friend who likes to play the leader in your tightly knit posse. It will also delay the Progress. For the ones who did wrong their past life or today, if he sits on house, the resident can get destroyed. Free Online Astrology, Natal Birth Chart Meanings and Interpretations. So being a Kendra Lord placed in a Kendra it is good but some significance of Saturn will definitely suffer. So let’s have a look at how this Saturn Jupiter double transit will affect you as per our Ascendant. Great Astrologer Mr. B. V. Raman has written in his Famous book ” How to Judge Horoscope” that Saturn in 10th can make a Person a Ruler or Minister. The natives of this Saturn’s position would take deep interest in spiritual studies, for they would visit temples and will provide food, water and philanthropic services to poor. It can give Profession in Banking Sector, Education field etc. This transit did obliterate my 10th house reputation and my career. Try to correct what you’ve been doing wrong, and it’ll improve. You May be interested to read more about The effect of Saturn-Sun Conjunction in Kundali and the Favorable Yogas for Govt Job in kundli. But if it is conjunct with Planets like Rahu or Venus in Pisces, it can give you a good career in Foreign Land. I have saturn in 10th house i am aquarius ascendant person, i was an engineer by profession, i got job in campus selection i was very much succesfull in my career, in just 5 years of starting my job i was a team leader & was been to abroad two times.Me & My family members were so happy untill one day i quitted my job in anger & not good support from my team members. Set a good example for humanity! Transit Saturn in the 10th House When transit Saturn is in your 10th house, you focus on building a strong foundation for career success. House of "World Teachers" After the knowledge-seeking of the Ninth House, the wheel turns to apply that wisdom in the real world. You are likely to take on more responsibility in any groups you belong to and others may be more demanding than at other times. With the onset of this transit, you might notice that lady luck has turned a blind eye to your efforts. Saturn in 10th house Career, Rise, Love, Promotion/ Demotion, Marriage Finance, Health, Family:- Shani Graha In Vedic Astrology in tenth house of your Kundli/ Horoscope/ Birth Chart: Saturn in 10th house makes native,shy,sincere and introvert. Saturn transits the 8 th house: When Saturn transit your house of sex, death, power, and joint resources, your energy turns inward. Saturn in 10th house in Aquarius Sign- Aquarius is the Mool Trikona Sign of Saturn. Lot of People , even myself, has gone through Such Situation in Life. With Saturn now moving retrograde, I figured I’d check in on how I’m faring with Saturn. If it is not afflicted by any other Planet, it will give a good profession. It is further believed to place great efforts and hindrances in his or her path. SECLUSION or solitude is the result we come across when Saturn is placed in 12 th house . so it can also give a creative profession too. If Saturn is not debilitated in Navamsa or if not weak by any other way, it will establish you in Society and will take you to good height in Profession. Dont forget to share your experience by commenting Below and Still if you are not Sure how your saturn will give result, Consult with Me. When Saturn is in 10th house Marriage can be delayed. If the 4th Lord and Moon is also Afflicted, it can even cause Loss of Mother in Childhood. The 10th house where Jupiter will sit in your chart for the next year relates to Career, your employer, work/action, outer achievements. When Saturn transits the Tenth House the requirement for security and accomplishment influences your career, vocation, sense of responsibility and therefore the structure of your life. So it is good for government job and it is also a creative sign. they will find themselves Capricorn has Special Significance regarding Profession. It can give Profession Related to Journalism, Communication, Marketing, Accountancy etc. Frustration over failures of past and accidents. Mars is the Technical Planet. Our lifestyles have also changed and the modes of earning also have different meanings these days. Sense of defeat over certain business decision is also inevitable. But Remember, in astrology all the results depends upon aspect, strength, yoga and condition in divisional chart and many other factor. As Saturn owns the 10th house of KalPurush and it is also the Significator, Saturn generally Gives Good Result in 10th house. ( wrote everything with lot of pain in heart ). When Saturn is placed in Aries Sign it becomes debilitated and a debilitated Planet in 10th house is not at all Good. After awhile, it’s just your life. Saturn signifies masses, it represents service to humanity and responsibilities that a person needs to fulfil, both at the level of society and personal ones too. Debraj is a professional Astrologer with More than 10 years of Practical experience. Saturn in Tenth House of Horoscope and Career - Definition of career has changed over the years. Pisces is a watery Sign and Saturn is approaching towards its debilitation Sign in Aries. Saturn is the Ascendant Lord. The beliefs, knowledge and philosophy that you just developed.When Saturn crosses the other houses and enters the 10th house… Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Saturn's mastery is hard-won, and the rewards of this house come through careful progress over time. We will explore why I am writing this. Brainstorm: Transiting Saturn in Aquarius Astrology – … You will enjoy good Position and Authority in Work. The 12th house where Saturn is placed for the next 2.5 years relates to distant places, introspection, debts and expenditures, isolation. If the Saturn is also associated with Sun in 10th house, it can give Govt Service. Thanks for valuable information may i request for further questions in this subjected matter with regards. The two most crucial planets with opposite qualities will have a party in 10th house of Capricorn on 23rd November. You can read our discussion on Rahu in 10th house for more information. Saturn if placed in Gemini sign in 10th house- For Virgo Ascendant Gemini is the 10th house. He punishes the ones who are miscreants and delivers the pious. Position in top government sector can be expected. Saturn is placed in 10th house in Taurus- For Leo Ascendant Taurus becomes the 10th house. Never attempt Suicide. There will be always Ups and down. If Saturn is in the tenth house of horoscope in Aquarius, Libra, Gemini, Taurus or even Virgo with benefic aspects and strong in navamsa why won’t it produce good results? The position of Saturn in 10th House induces challenges in one’s life such that one would learn that the world is imbues with both light and darkness, for he or she must mend the way of life and be ready to confront all unprecedented challenges and become a true human being. But first you must undergo the dissolution. Jupiter and Saturn are neutral and Sagittarius is a Benefic Sign, Saturn gives good result in Sagittarius. Eliot, Sally Field, Vincente Fox, Dick Gregory, Hitler, John Hurt, Burl Ives, Peter Jennings, John F. Kennedy, Helmut Lohl, Malcolm X, comic Marx, Charlie Mingus, Francois Miitterand, national leader, histrion, thespian, Al Pacino, sculptor, humourist, Eric Sevareid, Wilde, and Oprah Winfrey. Unless you work with an equal house system, however, the length of Saturn’s transit through a house will depend on how big each house is. I also shared your Saturn in the 10th house with my These people are natural leaders at work and expose their dominance through their attitude and behavior over the subordinates. The natives may adopt a rather conservative approach to life, which may or may not conflict with their personal goals and aspirations. Transit Saturn in the 10th House Meaning, Transit Birth Chart, Saturn Astrology Free Interpretations. Well, the best transit of 2020 is coming near. It is also not Good for Family Happiness and Married Life. it is good for government job as Leo is owned by Sun which signifies government. Astrologylover is your Favourite Astrology Blog. The exalted Saturn in 10th house from Lagna is big blessing for a Good Career provided Saturn is not weak by some other way and can give lot of Financial Fortune. These people who have Saturn in 10th house being deeply devoted towards their profession may take over large weight of responsibilities on their head that may have fluctuating influence in their life. If Saturn is associated with 8th lord in a Malefic Navamsa, you can suffer from your superior in workplace. The beliefs, knowledge and philosophy that you just developed.When Saturn crosses the other houses and enters the 10th house, a person is challenged to prove himself and unravel where is success and how can he or she could find. The 10th house rules your career, and you want to work hard at making career advancement and experience success. There are more famous personalities with Saturn in 10th House who have found abundant success in life and misery too. For Leo again Saturn is the most negative Planet. When Saturn transits the Eleventh House the need for security and achievement influences your long-term goals and how you relate to society at large. Positive manifestations: It is possible to get a promotion, climb up the hierarchical ladder, public recognition due to demonstrated qualities and abilities. Credit: ArtmannWitte via iStockphoto Different transits can herald the end of a relationship, each with their own planet-specific lessons. Saturn is a slow moving planet, it spends around two and half years in each zodiac sign. I am Sure you will be able to bounce back again. The 7th house, which is influenced by Saturn from the 10th house with its 10th aspect ray, also signifies marriage, business partners, and all kinds of partnerships. … I had an innate Saturn in the10th house of your birth chart may give you great professional success, but may not give you a peaceful family life. Saturn in its own house (Tenth) or sign (Capricorn) is a lifelong meditation on how to live what you know, or "walk the talk." It is a very bitter truth that Life will never go Smooth. Increasing acquisition of properties and private power. Saturn transit to 10th house indicates Job opportunity, change in Job and Change is Karma too. It will give you very good professional Success. Transit Saturn in a square with the cusp of the 10th house. Rahu will make your Professional Life difficult and stressful. Denial isn’t something that you can do well now. If you want to Consult with me Book Your Consultation ! Now Let me try to give you some information about the Placement of Saturn in 10th house in different Sign. It will also give you a Changing Tendency. After awhile, it’s just your life. Fulfillment of long-terms goals that involves land disputes, establishment of business and political supremacy. Re-evaluating success and amiability to flora and fauna. God knows what will be my destiny Astrology is the study of planetary motion with respect to its effect on a human life. Its placement in 10th house is highly beneficial. The natives are thought to be sincere and determined at their work place and always have strong belief upon their own. Astrology Symbols, Elements, Modalities, & House Types. So this is not a very good placement for the Happiness from Mother. It will also give disappointment and you will not be able to get Success in Profession. Saturn takes about 28-29 years to come full circle. Saturn in 10th House - Seek and meet people born on the same date as you. Transit Result of Saturn in 10th house. I got used to the situation. I will also tell you about the significance of 10th house in astrology. Let's say you're having a Saturn transit to your 10th House of Career. Related Possibilities when Saturn comes in 10th House, Negative effects when Saturn comes in 10th House. Saturn transits the 10th House. People with Saturn in 10th House would also have enemies willing to cause dire consequences. : Saturn in 10th house makes native,shy,sincere and introvert. Saturn When Placed in 10th house in Cancer- For Libra Ascendant, Cancer is the 10th house. it is good for government job as Leo is owned by Sun which signifies government. As the 10th zodiac sign, Capricorn naturally represents the The exalted Saturn in 10th house from Lagna or If the 10th house is either Makar or Capricorn, Aquarius or Kumbha, or Libra, it Causes a very Beneficial Yoga called Sasa Yoga.

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